The Police Officer, Vests & Belts–>Intra-Abdominal Pressure.

Police officers, like asthmatics, start breathing differently. Asthmatics hit a “wall” inside which forces us to breathe in a more shallow way. Police officers do similarly, having a physical wall outside of them—> because of their vests and belts….and if they’re in a car often, that contributes as well. The problem with this is we … More The Police Officer, Vests & Belts–>Intra-Abdominal Pressure.

Better Your Ass

Can you really? It’s just a muscle. So yes, you fucking can. Say good-bye to your saggy behind. Here we go: Start out by———–> Bent Over Single Leg Raises Donkey Kicks *****You STAY on the SAME LEG for both #1 & #2 THEN: 1 min Jump Squats. *****Perform #1 & #2 for your other leg. -and … More Better Your Ass

Mini HIIT or Warmup

This here can be used as a mini HIIT session…as a beginner-beginner (Get through it once, for starters)…I’ll suggest modifications. For police academy, going for your police fitness testing, this could be a good warm up. Yeah, I know—> tough! So “Sets” #1-4 start the same: Pushups: 20 Crunches (I do mine on a balance … More Mini HIIT or Warmup

Weight Loss Tips

This is what I tell clients. Some argue with me over the diet soda….. They don’t have biochemistry degrees so I don’t see how they even have an argument. I’m sorry if this sounds harsh but I do have a biochem degree so let’s have some respect (& a little fear when warranted) for chemicals. Let’s … More Weight Loss Tips