Most LEO fitness programs consist of running endlessly and resistance training, which is actually not enough, and it’s also possibly detrimental in the long run. As well, it only covers SOME of what the law enforcement officer needs to do on a day in & day out basis.

LEO’s could be doing ANYTHING. At ANY time. Right? If you’re an officer reading this, then you know it…

Your goals need to become:

Steady-state for 20 minutes about 4 days a week. You can increase that, including speed, over time.

And then we get to the real fun….

Interval training. Really, an officer could do nothing better for him/herself. I’ll explain why eventually. 😉

I’m a HIIT-junkie so if you’re into interval training or you’d like to be, you’ve come to the right place. Come get high with me.

You’re going to want to aim eventually for intervals of 30 seconds at very high intensities with 90 seconds REST periods. Ultimately, you’re aim would be : to accomplish 30 minutes of this and easier as time goes on. Don’t do this everyday. Mix it up.

A program like this will really challenge your anaerobic endurance, causing you to become stronger and healthier overall AND also making it so that perps don’t have a chance…

I love talking with you guys & gals so feel free to comment, ask questions!


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