Being that some of my favorite people are police officers and how they often have stressed, strained injured rotator cuffs… I think it’s very important to address the rotator.

It’s an annoyance/injury that can take a person out of work for quite a while and just make life miserable even interfering with quality sleep which LEO’s can’t afford whatsoever.

This is why there ARE specific fitness requirements of police officers.Why do police officers particularly patrol officers, commonly have rotator cuff issues?These issues are due to wearing those heavy vests all day long. Incredible stress. And the prolonged sitting and typing on the patrol officer’s data terminal in their cars in the most awkward way possible. It’s actually terrible.Headaches and stiff, sore necks are, therefore, a result.

So besides the fact that these guys should be using their benefits packages & getting those massages on a regular basis if they have massage as part of their benefits packages [and they should!]… there’s some stuff we can do.

After a warm-up such as some arm circles for example …. some stretching is helpful:

Then try this:

Find a door frame. Place your forearms on each side of that door frame. How high? Just walk up to a door frame & act like you’re going to lean on it…that height. The chest & anterior shoulder region should stretch when your body steps through the door frame. Lean through the door frame to a tolerable level of discomfort. It should -feel good-. A good kind of discomfort.

Do this as often as possible, whenever you want &/or feel the need:


(If this is your pic, let me know & I’ll take it down! Thank you.)

I’ve said this before & I’ll say it again – any rotator cuff strengthening or rehab – needs to be done at the END of your workout. Why? Because the rotators work as stabilizers for your shoulders, so when you’re benching your usual 700 ;-), you could become seriously injured. Do some rotator cuff rehab AFTER your shifts or on your day off, not before you’re wrestling with someone or having to take down a person.

How do injuries to the rotator happen besides chronic irritations & stress? :

Falls onto an outstretched hand. Lifting while exhausted. Tossing somebody around. How to prevent this: By staying limber & relaxed… Police officers, as well as firefighters, are STRONG, but their rotator cuffs are often inflexible & stressed so there’s an imbalance…this can be a recipe for disaster.

Do this now:

Reach one hand behind your back. Are you able to slide your hand upwards along your spine and touch the bottom of your shoulder blade? Try with the other hand. If you’re able to reach the bottom of your shoulder blade, awesome. If not, let’s work on things.


Get a towel & put it behind your back – with one hand holding the top of the towel and the other hand holding from the bottom.

Now try walking your fingers together & gently pull from either direction, into the tightest, restricted motion. Hold this for 15 to 30 seconds & repeat 3 times.

Also this [very important]:


Put your hands in push-up formation on a bench – feet on the floor, on the ball of the foot. Shift body weight from one arm to the other than back out again. Progress to the floor.

As usual, feel free to participate, ask questions, make comments, what would you like to see here? Feel free to private e-mail as well:



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