Okay, guys….you know that you (Correctional Officers) are the group of Law Enforcement with the most severe physical & emotional consequences of your job…. right?

For those who don’t know, correctional officers often suffer greatly from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes.

31% of correctional officers are suffering from PTSD which is MORE than Iraq vets… did you know?

So the BEST things that you guys & gals can do is talk to someone for support – Do positive things for yourself – keeping work mode away from that, super quality family time. Eat WELL (yes, really). And EXERCISE. Get a real sweat going at least 4 times a week. Do it for yourself. Do it for your family.

Here’s some fun for you in 10 moves:
25 reps each! Ready? Hit it! (After your warm-up)

1) Burpees! Any way you wish. You could do 5 half burpees, 5 full, 5 with shoulder press, 5 with straight jump, 5 with jump squat after standing)

2) Sit-ups/ V-ups

3) Deadlifts. Weighted any way you want but keep it light-ish). You will feel this workout, promise.

4) Pull-ups.

5) Mountain Climbers.

6) Walking Lunges. Just hold kettles or dumbbells at sides… good for grip development.

7) Push-ups. Wide & Slow.

8) Kettlebell Swings… proper form. Don’t bend wrists.

9) Switch lunges. Proper form! A proper lunge is a wide step out in front of you in the same way you’d normally walk (does that make sense lol?) : don’t “tightrope” it. Body-weight only. Left leg in front then the switch with the right leg in front count as 1 rep.

10) Renegade Rows:

Feel free to comment below!!


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