This is a part of your body that you DO want fat. 🙂

Do you have back pain? Do you have disk troubles?

Always clear stuff with your doctor first.

An awesome way to fatten your disks that may not fix you completely but can help (especially the pain) and shouldn’t harm you —

Is to get one of those yoga balls.

You’re just going to sit on it. Don’t put all your weight on it, though. Feet in front of you, flat on the floor, some weight on feet.

You’ll need good posture. No leaning over. And your thighs need to be mostly parallel to the ground. This is how you’ll know if your yoga ball is the right size for you.

And then like a kid, you lightly bounce your butt on the ball. Using your abs to balance you. 🙂

This will bring 02 to your disks & nutrients :-)!

Very easy and good for you. 🙂


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