HIIT Workout To Get You Slim

HIIT works.

You might want to die… but it works. So you’ve GOT to work it.
High-intensity interval training causes FAST weight loss in many. You’ll tone up FAST. And you won’t believe it because in a short amount of time you will see changes. BIG changes.

Any BIG results come with hard work.It just doesn’t work any other way. In your job. Schooling. And in your workouts… You aren’t going to roll out of bed one day in amazing shape …. just as you did not go to bed one day out of shape and overweight. It was a process.

It won’t happen within one or two sessions. You will see changes in a much shorter amount of time when high-intensity interval training is integrated into your weeks.

*A special note to law enforcement officers & firefighters (per usual): This is YOUR best way to train. Mix up the rest intervals (some longer and some shorter). Get your heart rate all over the map purposely so that it learns to become even keel. This will help you on the job…in your daily life…AND it will help you to lead a nice long life after retirement.

Beginner/Intermediate: Work: 30-45 secs. Rest: 15-30 secs.

Advanced: Work: 45 secs. Rest: 15 seconds

1) burpees
2) air squats
3) Russian twists
4) switch lunges
5) plank (any style)

Repeat 3X


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