Major causes of police officer fatigue:
Lack of sleep & Lack of exercise
Mental & Physical Consequences:
–increased mood swings
–increased incidence of mental illness
–increased incidence of anxiety & depression
decreased adaptability to certain situations
–impaired judgement
–more chance of getting sick.
–increased likelihood of vehicular accidents.
–more accidental injuries.
–increased likelihood of duty deaths.
–decreased eye-hand coordination.
–gastrointestinal problems: ulcers, etc.
–weight gain.
–lack of quality rest
–Pain: headaches, back.

………. Where to start??
20 minutes of aerobic exercise just 3-5 times a week can combat this…. It can really make an ENORMOUS difference! (Trust me.)

Get up to 60 minutes 5 times a week…
Your intensity should be 55-65% of your max HR.

Your activity should include working large muscle groups AND flexibility training. Muscle strengthening should be performed on all major muscle groups – at moderate to high intensities – on 2+ days a week.


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