Most police officers after a certain amount of time end up walking around in chronic pain and needing to grin & bear it. They really do need to be “tough guys.” Not exactly fair but the nature of their jobs/calling…The law enforcement back is the most injured area of their bodies. There’s a focus on anterior muscles but not so much on the posterior, thus imbalances occur.

What can be done to strengthen the hamstrings & rotator cuffs? Tons!

Here are some goodies to promote balance 🙂
Remember to do your warm-up beforehand! :


Lie on your back. Put your feet on a stability ball. Dig your heels in. Make sure your hips are in line with your shoulders and knees. Don’t sag your hips or have them too high, remember in line.
While digging your heels into the ball —>Now curl your legs towards you until your knees are flexed to a right angle/90 degree angle. Then return to starting position & repeat.

What you’re doing:
You’re working your hamstrings, gluteals, & your erector spinae… which is especially good because of what your heavy vests are doing to your spine.

3 sets/ reps.

[2] INTERNAL & EXTERNAL ROTATIONS WITH A BAND [Shoulder rehab exercise & for rotator cuff strength: useful again because of the weight you’re wearing on the job and also the way you sit in your car.]:

To begin: Secure your band at your elbow height to some stationary object.
Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart. One of your sides needs to be facing the band’s secured end.

Now place a rolled towel between your upper arm & body. Bend your elbow to 90 degrees. Grasp the band.

Move your hand towards your abdominal.

Turn your body to face the other direction -and- keep your elbow at 90 degrees and your hand near your body —> rotate your hand away from you.

What you’re doing:

Strengthening your rotator cuffs.

Switch sides & repeat. 2 sets/15 reps.

Important! : Do rotator cuff strengthening at the END of your workout. Your rotators act as stabilizers to your shoulder joint, therefore you can cause some major injury to yourself.


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