You have to know that I’m all right if I’m telling you that (clean) bacon is good and that tofu is bad (it is) …

Unfortunately, there are some items that are just not okay. 😦

Here’s some shit that you really shouldn’t be eating. Ever. It’s just that bad.
Just a little itty bitty list (for now).

1) Miracle Whip.
Eat REAL mayo.

I eat this brand: SpectrumOrganicMayonnaise

2) Cool Whip.
High fructose corn syrup and more in there that’s bad.

*Get some thick cream and do it yourself!

3) Cheese Whiz, Easy Cheese.
It’s not… cheese. It’s chock full of fillers too.

4) Bacon Bits or anything similar.
Really, not one good ingredient exists in these.

*Eat REAL bacon 🙂  (clean, preservative-free!)


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