You should be somewhat to moderately sore after a workout or a strenuous day but you should be able to climb stairs without too much difficulty. And you definitely shouldn’t be feeling agony. However, all of us have workouts where we’ve done too much & probably have been doing too much for some time so it just caught up with us.

The following moves can help to move O2 & blood to where it hurts and start the healing to make your job somewhat less painful:

1) Roll Backs & Up

–Sit with your legs extended in front of you & hold a medicine ball that you’re comfortable with, not very heavy, directly in front of your chest with your arms fully extended. Sit tall with good posture. Head in line with spine, eyes looking forward.

–Keep your feet flexed & together.

–Use your core to slowly roll backward all the way to the floor. Your arms need to stay up, in front of your chest.

–While exhaling & tucking your chin toward your chest – pull yourself up using your core to return to starting position.

Do 5.

2) Move through some gentle yoga poses the day after the workout that made you sore.

–And REST, if you can, the 2nd day after.
Doing it this way will help you heal.

3) Make sure you aren’t really injured because if you are, you’ll need a whole different approach of course.

–Try not to rely on pain meds if you’re not injured, & hit a sauna if you can….


–Do it whenever, as much as you like. But the day after your workout is ideal.

5) Lunge & TWIST

–Doing a lunge with a large step – with fingertips, touch the floor on both sides of the lead foot.

–Press your FRONT heel so you come up into a high lunge – THEN windmill your arms so that the opposite arm reaches back towards your opposite foot in the back and the other arm reaches forward. Look over your arm & shoulder that’s reaching towards your back leg.

–Hold for 3 deep breaths.

–Reverse legs.
–5 reps each side.


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