Law Enforcement Officers – take note: You’re at special risk for Vitamin D deficiency.

This is a BIG problem. And I’m going to harp on it.

Because of this deficiency, you are at an increased risk for many things, including cancer.

Here’s some facts:

1) Wherever you’re living (nice, sunny place or not) – if you’re working during the day, your uniform covers you. That’s a lot like anyone working in an office all day, even me in the gym. (except your shifts are often longer than the average person, just saying).

There’s more…

2) While you need SUN to MAKE Vitamin D…you need SLEEP to USE it. I don’t need to explain this to you, LEO’s. (Simply taking a Vitamin D tablet won’t solve this problem for you… **but you can easily see how this is more of a problem for YOU.**)


3) Cortisol DISRUPTS Vitamin D absorption…this is putting it as simply as I can – a book alone could be written about this & who wants that! 😛 Just know stress makes Vit D absorption —-> not happen. Is your job highly stressful? You fucking know it.

4) Your schedule (Sucks).

Humans are made to sleep at night.
Altering schedules… night workers… if you’re awake past midnight, you’re pushing your cortisol levels into an unnatural rhythm. If your schedule is all over the place, changing…the same holds.

It’s not just the stress ON the job, it’s the insane hours themselves.

What can a police officer do? Take 1000 mgs. of VITAMIN D a day WITH FAT. (With a meal with some good fat in it, or fat period.)

Vitamin D is FAT-soluble. If you take it with your coffee or a glass of water then you might as well toss it into the toilet.

Lastly: SLEEP. Somehow….

There’s a blood test to check your levels 🙂 While 1000 mgs won’t harm you – you might actually need more than that. People with deficiencies in Vitamin D… are more anxious & depressed. It’s a vicious cycle for anyone but especially for the LEO. You can feel tired as a result of this deficiency (& depression AND impaired ability to deal with stress all because of that damn D deficiency) …and thus less likely to exercise (which also helps with stress, right?) And an officer needs to be in awesome condition for their jobs…

And men…it affects your hormones (women too). Not to get into your business but if you’re having trouble with something else…  check your D.

Shit is hard enough. Vitamin D is cheap & easy.
Have questions? Msg me!


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