How does one get one of THOSE?

Well, take it from someone with a very large grocery bill.
1) Drink loads. Water is the BEST. Do you find that water is boring? That’s okay, you can spice it up with some lemon, or some frozen fruit in ice cube form. (Blend some fruit, & spread it out evenly into an ice cube tray!)

2) Watch the OTHER stuff that you’re drinking.
Cocktails. Beer. Frappuccinos. SODA. (Yeah, don’t drink soda whatsoever… 😛
Not only does your metabolism decrease for a day after a night of drinking — all those drinks also pack a PUNCH caloric-wise.

Limit as much as possible. Diet soda can actually have adverse effects on your metabolism. It’s horrible in lots of other ways too. 😦

4) Drink tea.
Green tea (you know this stuff is good!)
Green tea contains catechins which releases fat from those fat cells and helps speed the liver’s ability to turn fat into energy.

5) Eat ENOUGH.
Eating too little decreases your metabolic rate.

6) Interval Training. HIIT.
HIIT is the BEST way to shed pounds, increase your metabolism, improve insulin sensitivity, and EVEN raise your good cholesterol (HDL) and decrease your bad cholesterol (LDL).

7) Gain Muscle.
Resting basal is MUCH higher in those with more muscle. That is, they burn more just sitting.

8) Eat enough PROTEIN.
Eating enough protein keeps muscle from breaking down and also slowing your metabolic rate.

9) Eat garlic, extra virgin olive oil, lentils, eggs, full fat foods such as dairy, nuts, SALMON, beans, spinach in SOLID form (not blending), apples, BROCCOLI, avocado, oysters.

10) Have some chocolate. (Small amounts of high quality dark chocolate!)
It’s suspected that — flavonoids in chocolate, play a role in regulating metabolism by alleviating stress.

11) SLEEP.

12) Drop your bedroom temp to 66 degrees.

13) Eat mustard.
1 tsp of mustard (about 5 calories) has been found to boost the metabolism by up to 25 percent for several hours after eating!

14) Use vinegar.
Apple cider… you get used to it lol! 1 or 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar daily!

15) Take vitamin D.
Most don’t get enough. )-:
So good for everything!


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