Hand and eye coordination are important for everyone but especially necessary for the law enforcement officer.

Here’s a very simple exercise that can be used to sharpen your skills.

This exercise can be used to measure and improve hand and eye coordination.
We all think about being strong. But it’s the “little things” like this that can really matter. This exercise improves reflexes. A cop needs to be superior in that area.

“Draw”/Place a target on the wall to help with your throwing accuracy … you’ll want to perform a few sets of these then average your results. Place that mark about 3 feet away from you.
Stand behind a determined imaginary line (or mark the floor). Face the wall.

Throw the ball underarm with one hand against the wall (trying your best to hit the target but the goal is to catch the returning ball), and attempt to catch it with the other hand. Then throw the ball back against the wall and catch it with your first hand.

Time it. Working under pressure is good. Use music. Louder, softer, slower. Make it “real life.”

30 secs. Or 60 secs.

How To Score:
This is based on 30 secs, so divide your score by 2 if you choose each set to be 60 seconds.
The score is based on the number of successful catches.

You’re in the excellent range if you successfully caught more than 35.

Good: 30-35 catches.
Average: 20-29
Fair: 15-19

A poor result is less than 15.

Practice makes perfect. People tend to improve dramatically over time so don’t give up on yourself.

Variations: Different weighted balls. Harder or softer balls. Different distances from the wall. Mix it up. Your brain will learn to guess where that ball is going to end up and your body will learn to respond.


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