There are only a million ways to train well for a good foot pursuit. But here’s a few ideas… and if you want to work out, but can’t figure out what to do, these are a few short programs that are good to resort to!


2.5 minutes run upstairs

2.5 minutes jump squats

EXPLODE up the stairs. Walking down is your Rest.

No rest between stairs & squats & no rest back to stairs from squats.

Do each 4 times.


50 seconds Plank jump-outs (In raised plank, jump legs in and out like jumping jacks)


50 secs bench hops (Land softly on feet, landing on both feet together, hands on the end of the bench. You explode up using your core/abs)

30 secs REST.

Perform 6 times.


Standing in a narrow squat — sticking that butt OUT —

You’re going to jump first in place then slightly 4 times more OUT. You’ll end up in a wide squat (so start narrow). Then JUMP back into starting position then jump back out.


Without a rest….go straight into —> walking lunges with sandbag overhead (25 pounds?). We’re going to play with tempo…on the down…count 1 Mississippi 2 Mississipi (If you cheat, I can get a metronome in!). So do it slowly. (I want this to burn!) FOR 1 MINUTE.

REST for 10-20 seconds after lunges for Advanced. 30-40 for Intermediate. 50 secs for Beginner.

Do this 2 times for a Beginner. 3 times for Intermediate. 5 times for Advanced.

Don’t cry. NO crying. 😉

These programs are good to do on your 1st day off… First, do a little, see how it affects you. We don’t want you hurt or unable to do your job, get hurt on the job…

You can do these programs all at once. Build up to it. 😉

All of these programs are heavy on the right muscles with a little plyometrics tossed in. 🙂


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