To better your restraint holds….it’s important to work your isometric strength.
Isometric or hold strength exercises are exercises without movement. These contractions happen when a muscle tenses but doesn’t change length.

Isometric training has the benefit of activating nearly all the available motor units within the muscle, something very useful to anyone but especially for police officers.

You need no equipment for this and thus it isn’t mainstream, not much to sell, not much profit to be made… but is very valuable for the PO.

Some good things to do:

Plank Variations. Side planks with a free weight. Tense & hold.

Hold frees while stair climbing or walking.

Now this is something we did in gymnastics & I still love to do:

In the middle of your squat or lunge, making sure your form is correct – suddenly hold. You tense the agonist muscles and the antagonists, as well. Do this “hold” at different times. Kind of like freeze tag!

Limit your isometrics to 10 minutes per workout.

Some will tell you that isometrics could cause decreases in muscle elasticity & speed and ease of movement. This can be overcome with relaxation & stretching methods between sets. Don’t know what to do, ask me :).

Beyond isometric training, snatches & cleans are useful for increasing the power needed for take-downs and other movements requiring explosive power.

I’m a firm believer in v-sits. So much of your power is going to come from your core and help your back. As a PO, you always need to be thinking about your back. I like to do my v-sits with a sandbag. The uneven load forces you to use your abs even more while you hold your body in that “V”.

Hold the sandbag above your chest while doing flutter kicks. How many? About 25 reps past that burning.

Questions? 😉


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