Train (& Think) Like A Dancer

This is something I’ve thought about a lot lol! That is, the “stress” that people bring with them into a gym, workout session, exercise class.

As someone who loves fitness, this makes me sad. 😦 It’s the reason, however, why many seek out a private personal trainer. That’s a good way to start. If you’re anxious about people staring at you (whether they really are or not), private can help.

I always hope that people will grow to love fitness as I do. To really ENJOY MOVING. To LOOK FORWARD to it. AND to think of it the same way as eating, sleeping … it’s just something that you DO.

However, when I speak that way about working out….many look at me (or tell me) that I’m crazy.

CAN people who detest exercise TRULY fall in love with it? YES! I’ve seen it happen…many times! 🙂

Let’s start from the “beginning,” if I can figure out where that is lol!

  1. Everyone starts out a beginner.

Some of us much younger than another. This is exactly why I believe we do a service to children when we’ve enrolled them into something active when they’re still little.

If you’re one of those people who has started little later…who cares! You’re doing it. Many aren’t. Many NEVER will. It’s also true that many will say very unencouraging things to you…and those will often be people who aren’t getting off of the couch. Disregard them. Keep going. Work on yourself. You might show them the way…you never know…

“How do you do what you do?” I’m asked. I was a beginner once too. As a trainer, I’m not sitting there judging. I’m sitting there remembering. Whatever age you are. If a skill needs to be modified, don’t worry…you’ll get there.

2. “Plow through.”

I started in gymnastics (well, in dance first actually…long story)…

I broke my wrist and a coach shook her finger in my face saying: “Gymnasts don’t cry!”

Now, I’m not saying don’t cry if you get hurt lol! I’m saying there’s an attitude within those who accomplish some amazing feats…whether losing 150 pounds, coming back from severe c-spine injury or becoming elite level in something.

All of us want to give up. I’ll be in the middle of working on something and want to give up, skip off to do something much more simpler.

Elite athletes become so because they don’t give up. They keep going. This past week, I had a couple of days where my stomach wasn’t okay, for my martial arts teacher to say that it’s good to continue training under those conditions. At times, I was swallowing hard to keep myself from vomiting. *Now don’t train if you’re truly ill, of course! This was just my digestive system being stupid.

An elite athlete becomes used to hearing those things. They get used to a lot being expected of them. They start thinking: Whatever it is, I’ve got to plow through.

Expect more of yourself. When you accomplish skills…grow. Expect more.

3. I don’t even want to get out of bed.

YES! Elite athletes have these thoughts!

We get out of bed by saying: “This is what I do. This is who I am.”

4. Have a ritual to get you there.

How can you feel good about going to the gym?

My days tend to begin active and end active.

I get up…have my coffee & breakfast. Quiet…maybe some music. Not much talking. Nice warm shower with my lotion afterward. It’s simple but it gets my mind in the game.

5. Know that it gets easier! KNOW THIS.

You know how your bed is extra comfy when you need to get out of it lol. Elite athletes feel it too lol.

The HARDEST part of making regular exercise REGULAR are forcing you TO KEEP GOING when you just want to drop out.

If you’re very new to the gym and to working out, select a trainer who is all about FUN! (like me lol!) One who likes toys! One who likes to LAUGH during workouts! If you do it THIS WAY….you slide into working out…. time FLIES…AND while you know you’re working out (you feel it lol), it’s not this icky thing over your head (like exams in high school or university, at least that’s how I feel about exams).

If it’s FUN and you’re still picking up skills…eventually, you DO fall in love with working out because one day, you’re like, holy shit, I can do this!

And then what happened to us, elite athletes is what will happen to you:

You do look forward to working out. Doing more. Because you plugged away, your confidence caught up with all your effort.

And now, you’re like….watch out World. I can do this. And more.

You start to view new skills as: HOW will I accomplish this? And show me the way! Instead of: I can’t do this.

What a good feeling.

Get it. 😉


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