You Can Cry For This 1

This will make you sweat. Maybe puke. It’s all good. If you’re a cop, this is the kind of catharsis you should be doling to yourself regularly.

This is the kind of workout, that afterward, you inhale a nice rare steak. Or two because you might need a steak with your steak.

Get your tunes ready! & Your 10-pound vest! (I know -evil laugh-)

(Equipment besides skip rope that you’ll need is in Red)

1 min skip rope

1 min some other exercise (as follows)

10 sec REST


1) W/ bench/step/riser in the highest position, feet on feet, hands the on floor, raise each leg 1 at a time straight into air.

ROPE (1 min) —REST (1o sec)

2) Side plank, 1st side, holding 10 pounds (or what’s suitable for you, big men–> this is HIIT, you DON’T need your usual 50 pounds) above head, lower to leg, raise again.


3) Side plank – same as #2, other side.


4) Loaded bar above at nipple level — bring legs straight to meet bar (Get 30 on a beat)


#4 is repeated 3X.

5) Military plank


6) Raised plank — raise 1 leg then the other.


7) Commandoes


8) Goblet Squats (using 10 pounds)


9) Balance trainer, feet allowed on the floor, crunch, hands above head.


10) Burpees w/ shoulder press 25 lb sand bag


If you’re not –here– yet, don’t sweat it…keep plugging along & you will be.

Specific moves along with video….all coming! 🙂


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