Do you have an agility ladder? That’s okay. You can make one. Masking tape does it.


Starting with feet hip-width apart at the bottom of the ladder. One foot at a time…step into the first ladder space…whatever foot you began with, now step out with the opposite foot—> On the outside of the next square.

You have the basic idea….keep this up until the end…


4 times. So 2 each way.


The same formation (both in, one on the outside each side) but this time…

Again, begin with feet hip-width apart.Hop with BOTH in

Hop with BOTH in feet in…. then HOP OUT with both feet on the outside of the next square.

Got that?

Same: Reverse ends. 4 times. So 2 each way.


Do #1 up then down.

#2 up then down

This confusing the brain a bit is good for you…. you’re doing this, that & listening to your radio…


Standing with feet hip-width apart:

You’re beginning this one with both feet outside of the first square –> to the left (or right, just remember to always LEAD by the foot that you BEGAN with).

Step into the first square with left foot first, quickly followed by your other (right) foot: with a 1-2 motion.

Now step to the right, outside the first square again with left foot fist, followed by the right.

Step diagonally with LEFT foot into the left DIRECTION into the second square. Keep the 1-2 pattern.

Now take your left foot to the left-side OUTSIDE of the second square.repeat for the full length of the ladder

Repeat until the end of the ladder.

*Switch up your lead leg for sets.

**All agility patterns/programs should be started slowly then gradually you’ll want to increase your speed.



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