Heavy On The Cardio

Get your WARMUP in!! High-knees, whatever you’ve got.

In BLUE what you’ll require for this workout.


2 min skip-rope

2 min JJ’s – 5-10 pounds dumbbell, each hand: So it’s Jumping Jacks (single jump out/in) with bicep curls.


  1. A-frame Abs.  A-Frame Abs  20 pounds if you’re able. But 10 is good! Or whatever you can do. 50 reps. Both sides count as 1 rep (I know, I suck!)
  2. In RAISED PLANK: Keeping Hips parallel to the floor (watch in low mirror), pull sandbag (25 pounds?) across… So if bag starts on the right side, you cross your left hand over & pull it with your left hand, maintaining this plank. The bag is about right in front of your fingertips. 5o reps. Both sides count as 1 rep (because again, I suck).

Your REST:

There is none. Your REST is as big as to get in a little sip every now & then. It’s as long as sliding into your next station and picking up your equipment. That’s what makes this workout ADVANCED.

4 times (A-frame abs AND raised plank with sandbag) so this will end up being 200 reps each.

BEGIN & END with the cardio so you’ll do 5 cycles of that to = 10 mins rope skipping AND 10 minutes loaded JJ’s.

So it’s the 1st part then 2nd then 1st then 2nd (You end when you’ve done the 1st part 5 times)

What will this do for you? This is a good way to practice that mind over matter….Your mind will grow stronger forcing your body to…

Let me know in comments what the hardest part of this workout was for you. I wanted to give up on all the bag drags lol. 


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