Get a GOOD warm-up in!! Make sure your legs including knees are fully warmed up….feet…Achilles! 🙂

For this workout….

You’re going to do 25 each of the below.

Advanced: No Rest

Intermediate: 40 secs between each activity.

Beginner: 50-60 secs between each.

*Beginners: If it’s super tough, don’t give up! Just drop reps to something like 15 each 🙂

  1. Mountain Climbers (Beginners: Your feet may “touch-down” in up position of mountain climber 🙂 AND both feet switching back counts as 1 Rep.
  2. Jump Squats
  3. Burpees (Raised plank style, with push-up)
  4.  Jump Tucks

Let me know what you think!


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