Lotsa Abs, Back, Chest, aSS Here!


Beginners: 1 min REST. 30 sec WORK Intervals. One-time through!

Intermediate: 40 seconds REST. 40 sec WORK Intervals. Two times through!

Advanced: 30 seconds REST. 1-minute WORK intervals EXCEPT for lunges: Do these for 2 minutes. 3-4 times through! 🙂

Cardio Portion: Mountain Climbers with elbows (arms facing straight ahead) on a balance trainer.

  1. In a raised plank –  bring your knee to touch your elbow – You’re touching the same side to the same side. Start with LEFT.
  2. Same as #1, Repeat with the RIGHT side.


3. Make a tabletop! : Like crab position: Belly facing up, on hands, feet on the ground, push belly up so that it is flat like a tabletop. Hold weight of your choice with 1 arm. Move your butt so that it almost touches the floor, when pushing UP, also push dumb-bell straight up towards the ceiling.

4. Repeat #3 with the other side.


5. Walking lunges.

With each step on DOWN of the lunge: Holding desired weight overhead — then move to the right down — then center up again —- then move to the left down. (Like A-Frame Abs)

6. Crab Position.

Touch butt to the floor. On UP position—> Bring up Rt hand to meet Lt foot. Then Lt hand to meet Rt foot. And so on.




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