Flexibility for the Police Officer -1-

Flexibility is important for anyone in preventing injury. Police officers are often not very flexible 😦 which increases their risk for injury especially if they sit in a car for long periods of time.

Here’s just TWO exercises to help your back and your inner thighs & piriformis.


Lying on belly: legs in various positions (narrow to wider apart), arms out forward, to the sides, behind head (as varied as you can think, mix it up!)

Arch back. A little at first then gradually increase flex. Down. Up again. Down. Up.

Stretch spine. Pull legs away from you. Point your toes in Superman. Flex them. Mix this up too.

DO THIS: (Not the best pics, sorry! Better coming!)


So you’re putting a foot over your leg that way.

Switch & do the other leg.

Hold these positions for 4-5 SLOW inhales & exhales.

Get to the point where you can do this:


Moving your legs in that position up to chest is even better (Pics of that coming soon as well as other crazy shit).

That’s JUST TWO for now. So you’d better do it!

**Remember to warm-up before stretching. Throw some hip circles into your warm-up.


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