Breaking Down Doors & Shit (Breaching)

Obviously, you have to have arm & upper body strength to lift the 42-lb (or heavier) breaching tool (ram), as well as the quads, hamstrings, and calves. Next, comes (my favorite), the often overlooked abdominals.

Specific Warmup: (After a little jog in place or something)

  1. Windmills: Standing with legs shoulder-width apart —> Twist at the waist to bring opposite hand to opposite foot. Twist other way & back again.

2. Hip circles.

3. Side-to-side stretches — stand tall while doing these as if you’re being pulled up from the crown of your head.


Set a step (riser) to this height (whatever it is for you lol):

You’ll sit on an end with enough room behind your butt to put your hands at the end, holding onto the end. Then you’re going to swing your legs over (LIFTING legs with your abs) over the bench to touch your heels down on one side & then the other.

**MAKE IT HARDER: Weight down your ankles.


On balance trainer: Crunch with feet on the floor…. progress to lower back on balance trainer with legs off the floor in a slight straddle. Bring your body almost flat then crunch bringing legs in bent position towards your chest.

**MAKE IT HARDER: Hold the weight with straight arms above chest. Progress to moving the weight UP when you straighten legs and bring weight down when you crunch in.


Side planks. Side planks. Side planks.


Drop hip to the floor in a side plank — Bring back up straight — then drop hip again.

On a bench, riser, or barre…. put your legs on up there —> the same as above (more arms/shoulders).


Lying on the floor on your back:

Legs straight. Arms bent, hands behind head. You will pump one leg up at a time —> bent — while keeping the other leg straight & a bit elevated off the floor. You’re going to touch your bent knee to same side elbow, bending at the waist to meet it. You’ll, of course, go back & forth on each side. 🙂 KEY TO THIS MOVE: Keep your upper body FLAT on the ground, this will make it burn!!! (Instead of elevating our upper body as we do a lot).

#5 Downward Dog (yes, the yoga pose)

Just shut up & do it! 😛

While in a downward dog —> put one arm at a time out straight ahead of you & up, back in position then bring it to the side & up. Reverse sides.

**MAKE IT HARDER: You know it. Throw a dumbbell in front of you on both sides & lift it while up in front of you & up at the side of you.



Starting on butt cheek—> on side of butt cheek. Bringing your legs up (when done right, I love the way this move looks, quite graceful), bending legs towards chest (doesn’t need to touch your chest)…. what I want to see eventually:

That you do ONE of those on ONE side then can move your body to the elongated position balancing on the OTHER butt cheek (the side) then side crunch it —> back to the other side & so on.

**When you have effortless flow….your abs will be STRONG.


As always, feel free to ask questions or privately email. 🙂 Fitness is my passion 🙂


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