WARMUP: HIGH KNEES 5 Min. Windmills. 2 minutes of Mountain-climbers. ARM CIRCLES. Behind-your-back arm/shoulder stretches. & So on.

Beginners: 30-second WORK, 1 minute REST. One-time through.

Intermediate: 40-50 seconds WORK, 40-50 seconds REST. 2-3 times through.

Advanced: 50 seconds to 1-minute WORK, 30 second REST. 4-5 times through.


On LOWISH-step/riser—> you will —-> Standing straddling step —-> When left leg goes up on step/right-hand touches it —-> left leg goes back onto floor —> right leg steps onto step/left-hand touches it.

#1 WINDMILLS VAR (Arms, Chest, Abs, Back)

Standing with feet very wide apart, dumbbell in each hand —> when your hand would normally touchdown to foot unloaded, do the same while loaded 🙂

#2 BEAR CRAWL (all over, butt too)

With dumbbells.

#3 Sit-ups With Shoulder Press (abs, shoulders, biceps)

Bent knees….perform sit-ups holding dumbbells & pressing when at top of sit-up.

#4 Wide Squat With Dumbbells (quads, hams, butt, inner & outer thighs: ALL of your legs 🙂 (holding them/ resting on shoulders):

When going UP after squatting, lift one leg out to side, foot flexed.

Squat down again —> Go UP with the other leg.

Keep switching.

**If demi-pointe (on balls of foot, you’ll bring in CALVES more 🙂

#5 Hip Thrusts With Sandbag (quads, hams, butt, hips, some abs)

**Make sure your bag is heavy.

Holding your bag with BOTH hands —> In a squat with feet hip-width apart of slightly wider —-> SQUAT down keeping wrists straight swing bag between legs —> On UP of squat —> Squeeze ass with a slight pelvic thrust forward.



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