LEO & Civilian: Lots of Iso’s: HELL

YOUR WARM-UP (& hopefully, it goes without saying to do that cool-down afterward…. I’ll coming with a nice article on pain/soreness post-workout 🙂 Get some nice, slow arm & shoulder stretches in: behind your back & so on.


So this is tough.

Beginners: Plain JJ’s (jumping jacks). CARDIO SECTION LENGTH: 30-40 seconds.

Intermediates: JJ’s with 1-2 lb dumbbell in each hand. You do a bicep curl —> How you do this: when you jump OUT, you curl down, when you jump IN, you curl up. CARDIO SECTION LENGTH: 40-50 seconds.

Advanced: Use a bar, load it how you know you can. When you jump OUT in your jack—> you push the bar up (like shoulder press). CARDIO SECTION LENGTH: 1 minute.


  1. “Strength” portion (often some cardio involved but not this one/ This part will be your work portion which changes)
  2. Cardio (above)
  3. REST: Beginners: 50 seconds. Intermediates: 40 seconds. Advanced: 20-30 seconds.

    We’re beasting this right from the beginning:

#1 Raised plank: 

B: Maintain raised plank.

I: Raised plank: Raise 1 arm, put down, raise the other & so on. (You’re raising it in front of you.)

A: Raised plank: Raise 1 arm, put down, raise the other & so on —> loaded arms, dumbells in each hand.

#2 Military plank (on elbows)

B: Maintain military plank.

I: In a military plank: drop hip to almost touching the floor on each side of your hip.

A: In a military plank: drop hip to almost touching the floor on each side of your hip.

#3 On hands & knees —> Hold a medicine ball or something weighted over belly with both of your hands, elongating the spine, arch back as far as you can.

B: No weight.

I: Try some weight.

A: Definitely weight the bitch.

(HERE: do a yoga cat stretch! & anytime, you need a small break :-)


Everybody: Hands under your butt if you need to, to keep flat back, keep shoulder blade off the floor – legs straightish —> flutter away.

#5 Okay, so this is gonna suck: Same position as FLUTTER KICKS: Just hold THIS Iso.

#6 Shoulder blades off the floor, on your back: Legs together —> Bend towards chest.

#7 Same position: Instead of fluttering —> scissor legs.

#8 In military-plank position: diamond back & forth (push body forward as a whole but not moving hands & feet —> while in maintaining plank then back again, keep doing this).

Beginners: Just maintain plank for now 🙂

#9 Side-to-sides

On your back, shoulder blades off the floor —-> same side to the same side —> hand touches ankle.

#10 On your back, legs bent up at right angles, pump one leg at a time towards you —> meet elbow to knee —> stay as flat as possible as you’re able (this is what makes it burn), don’t have your shoulder blades off the floor 🙂

Beginners: 1-time through.

Intermediates: 2-times through.

Advanced: 3.

Strong core: Strong everything!


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