1) Time……  What can be achieved during an HIIT session 2-3 times a week is so much more than hours upon hours in the gym. So this SHOULD be a #1 attraction. LOL

If you’re grossly out of shape…. it will take longer. It took awhile for you to get into your current condition, right? This isn’t me being mean. This is me being realistic with you.

2) Cardio & Strength can be done all in one. (Basically, I’m repeating #1 but it’s still worth saying). HIIT without cardio…. huh?

3) HIIT increases your energy levels. Which….lessens depression and anxiety. You feel less overwhelmed. Think about it. When you’re tired, you’re thinking, “Omg, I’ll never get this and that DONE!”

4) HIIT increases your confidence. Back to #3…. and as you progress in your HIIT training, well you’re crazy. And you know it. And you’ll LIKE it. You’ll start thinking things like: “Once upon a time, bench hopping was hard, now I’m doing that shit with a 10-lb vest. Planking was hard & now I’m using dumbbells.”

AND when you do HIIT, even starting from a beginner level….you get to the crazy shit FASTER.

Perps, beware!!!! 5-0 going to get you! Especially the ones I train.


There are some scary statistics about heart disease, heart function…. especially for the LEO.

One of the reasons why I’m so drawn and passionate about police fitness is the fact that many officers don’t live long past retirement. That’s criminal. They live and see some crazy awful shit then don’t get to enjoy their lives?? Not okay. I believe that people who sacrifice so much …. should have programs in place for better health for their physical and emotional.

We all know that exercise helps our hearts, lungs, digestions, etc but …

The police officer’s typical day is a rollercoaster. One second can be sorta calm, the next can be utter chaos. His/her heart rate is literally: all over the place. HIIT tames this. When we mix up the timing of the intervals….and progress programs…. the heart learns to take anything and even out…. not spiking!

6) Exercise is ME Time.

You need Me Time. And you need to think of it that way. Everyone does “me time” but the police officer doesn’t see much of that.

And HIIT…. is especially cathartic.

It needs to be: This is my time. To grow. To feel. To breathe. To be clean, get the dirt of the world off of me. To have space. (At least this is how I think of exercise….) Working out for me is absolutely a spiritual experience.

7) Working out combats depression & anxiety.

A bit repetitive here. But an adequate (or better) fitness base helps for sooooo many reasons. Succeeding at reaching goals that you’ve set. Pushing yourself. Marveling at the progress you’ve accomplished. Working off steam.

8) YOU’LL SLEEP BETTER & GET TO SLEEP MORE EASILY. With HIIT…. you can find yourself falling into your pillow like a rock. It rids your body of tensions….

& That’s ALWAYS a GOOD thing!




Isometrics (which you can get a lot of in my HIIT routines)

Look for that on my blog but so much more coming on those topics (& more) too! 🙂


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