Something We Did Today…. 25 Reps X2

25 Reps. 2 sets. After warm-up. Just simple. 

Warm-up: We did 15 minutes elliptical playing with tempo: Really fast then slower & faster again.

Stair Running 2.5 minutes

Pistol Squats: you can use a bench to touch down your butt. 1 leg at a time of course.

Chest press

Stair Running 2.5 minutes

Clean & Press with bar or hold a heavy enough dumbbell at ends.

Stair Running 2.5 minutes

Narrow squats touching the ground between legs then wider squats touching floor outside of legs

Stair Running 2.5 minutes

Military plank: on elbows—-> Butt kickers (Raise 1 leg at a time with foot flexed. Both legs counts as 1 rep)

That’s it! 🙂


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