A Very Simple Rice Noodle Dish

This is a simple rice noodle dish with pear, onions & garlic (which I use for everything!), turmeric, sea salt, and peppercorns.

It’s actually yummy.


Just fry up the onions & garlic to your liking…. in coconut oil. I use the really stringy rice noodles in “Asian sections” or stores. Make the noodles separately which takes minutes then bring to the pan with the onions & garlic. Add spices that you like! And the pear. Done!

I’m currently having to do my allergy diet which is low in complete proteins. Pollens are in the air and my system is primed. I do this every Spring to avoid ambulance trips, hard-core drugs (various steroids) and to be able to just breathe & see!

I get very serious allergic conjunctivitis which is very painful. It’s also super unattractive LOL.


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