Why You MIGHT Not Be Losing Weight :-(

You’re still taking in more (calories) than you need.

I don’t count calories or I may occasionally just to see where I’m hitting. I’m one of those people who it doesn’t really matter how much I’m eating and part of that reason is because I eat clean. So if you think you might be taking in more calories than you need….perhaps cut out a slice of bread? Maybe serve up smaller portions of pasta? Replace with some broccoli or something similar ;-). You shouldn’t be drinking soda whatsoever.

You gotta sleep.

Sleep deprivation can result in your body storing fat. Your hunger-controlling hormones (leptin & ghrelin) are thrown out of balance when we don’t get enough sleep. To lose weight & maintain, we need to sleep and eat well plus exercise :-).

What’s in your smoothies?

First of all, make your smoothies yourself. Don’t be buying them. Maybe not put yogurt in yours?

Also, SIT while having your smoothie. We tend to feel more full when we pay attention to our food while eating. Savor every spoonful (my smoothies are chunky so I often use a spoon for them…) Feeling more full means eating less.

Are you relying on your cardio machine’s calorie counter?

Yeah, don’t. They overestimate by A LOT. Other than your heart rate, disregard the calorie counter.

Hidden Sources.

Starbucks drinks. So high in calories. It adds up. QUICKLY.

Break up workouts.

Can’t get in an hour at a time?

K, so do a half hour here then another 10 minutes here and so on…. This also really revs the metabolism.



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