How You Must Eat 2 Get Some Abs

1st thing—————-> Eat frequently. Two hours apart if possible but 3 is good.

FOODS to help you build your abs & uncover them:

Peanut butter, almonds & other nuts, oatmeal, turkey & other meat, beans & legumes, eggs, olive oil, whey, berries & spinach.

AND……drink tons of water. Tons.

Protein raises your metabolic rate & keeps you satisfied. So eat it.


On workout days: Eat 1 gram of carbs per lb of your body weight.

On rest days:  Keep it minimal throughout the rest of the day.


Not too much! Save it for your cheat day if you drink & don’t go overboard on your cheat day!

(Booze=Loads of carbs)

Eat loads of veggies. They’re filling & nutritious. They can help you to avoid binges.

Again, sit down to eat. Pay attention to every mouthful. This will also help you to not binge and be satisfied.



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