WOD—-> Mine.

(This was my workout, JUST FOR ME  🙂

I danced for about half an hour—-> my warm-up, just loosening up.

I did 25 reps X 2 each leg Pistol Squats. I used a bench and did Bicep curls along with it:

On the up, you straighten your arms, you curl on the down.

25 reps X 2: Shoulder presses.

25 reps X 2: Bicep curls (yeah, more)

25 reps X 2: Overhead triceps extensions

25 reps X 2 : Military planks rolling hips to the ground (Both hips = 1 Rep)

I’ve been benching a lot more but hurt my wrist in my sleep last night (which is how 99% of my injuries happen, not with something normal like sparring.)

I only did 25 Dips.

I did some balance trainer work:

Crunching it in V-sit —-> 50 reps

Then legs on the floor, lying on BT on back —> back as far back as it can go, I crunched up so that it really burned—-> 50 reps

On my bench: Butt at one end, hands holding onto sides behind me—-> I moved my legs from one side of the bench to the other. 25 reps X 2.

Tons of facedown on mat Supermans


Lying on floor —-> chest up a bit —-> touching ankles with same side hand. You got it. 50 reps. (Both sides= 1 rep 🙂

2.5 min running upstairs, walking down X 4.

Loaded squats —-> Raising one leg at a time on the Up: 25 reps X 4.

~~~~~~I alternated stair running with the squats~~~~~~~

I sat in a center split for awhile lol. Stretched it out.

So there you go 🙂

I’m looking forward to my salmon, veggies & some rice later when I’m finished with everything 🙂


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