Goals & Excuses

“I want a 6-pack.”

I hear this from every single person coming to train. EVERY single one. Yet, no one wants to stop living on cake & beer. Well, you won’t get your 6-pack then.

Can you have cake & beer? Sometimes? In moderation? On your cheat days?

Lots of people don’t like me because I refuse to tell them fairy tales.

How often do I have cake & beer? Never. Just saying.

“Obesity runs in my family.” 

Huh? What???? No, it doesn’t. Does compulsive eating run in your family? Okay, I’ll go with that.

I mean, geez, there are genetics to a point but….obesity? Really?

“I can’t help what I’m eating.”


Here’s what I’ve heard/hear as an anorexic: “Is anyone telling you that you aren’t allowed to eat? Start chewing.”

You have control over what you do & don’t put into your mouth.

“I want to be very strong.”

Then you have to lift and lift heavy. Work. Hard work. And frequently.

“I want to lose weight.”

Then you need to start eating for the body you want, not for the body that you currently have 😦

“I’m too busy to work out & make my food.”

Who isn’t? Are you kidding me? I’m a single mom of an autistic kid with Crohn’s. I’m in a country where I have pretty much no one. I have to walk in very frigid temps to get food. My daughter and I are both celiacs and both have food allergies. I work. I’m back in school. Last night, I was up all night long doing free diet analysis. Just saying.

Priorities….you’ve got to figure them out.

“What do I eat?”

I don’t know. Do you know your body? You’ll need to figure that out. I do well with high-fat (soft ketogenic). That doesn’t mean that you will. 

Get educated. Read. Google. Keep food diaries if you need to figure shit out. It’s good for you 🙂 & you CAN do it!

“What about parties & stuff?”

My life doesn’t revolve around parties. It revolves around work, my family, and my courses & training. So umm, restraint? Discipline? Don’t eat shit?

Or bring food that you’ve packed ahead of time & go hide in a closet to eat it so that no one else takes it from you? (Sorry, a joke about Canada LOL)

“How much can I lose a week?”

A half pound a week is relatively safe. Some people can lose more a week. It’s very individual. Generally, I tell people to just start eating better and work out. Don’t watch the scale. Screw the scale. It will come off. Don’t worry about it.

“Do I always need to work out, eat well?”


I mean, you don’t HAVE to….

It depends on how extreme you wish to go. I want a 6-pack. I want to be very strong. So I don’t eat shit. I eat clean bacon, I do super well with fat. I’m with John Hopkins on that.

Everyone doesn’t have to be super fit or super lean or super buff. Therefore, some people can get away with more cake than others. Even those of us who ARE extreme in the gym….some of us can get away with things that others can’t.

Part of working out & eating well is developing a relationship with yourself. Knowing how to tweak things…. knowing how to get what you want. Knowing that you can.

AND DOING it. Getting there. Developing confidence.



2 thoughts on “Goals & Excuses

  1. Preach. People just want the quick way to get results. They can’t be arsed putting in the work and making sacrifices. Like gym instead of tv.

    Liked by 1 person

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