Why I Don’t Go For Excuses….

….to eat poorly.

I’m doing tons of dietary analysis and Oh. My God.

Police eating crap? No excuses, guys.

Here’s why:

I have an anaphylactic soy allergy. I’m allergic to milk. I’m celiac. I’m a soft ketogenic. I have a thyroid condition.

My daughter, autistic….has Crohn’s. She’s celiac.

I have to walk to get our food. In all weathers. There are no quick meals.

Busy? Umm, me too.

I’m a single mother. I’m in a country mostly alone. I can’t and don’t depend on people. I moved here where my husband started dying the minute we got here. And for two years after he died, I was 99% alone being everyone’s support system without that myself.

I’m back in school. I work nonstop. Again, I’m a single parent? Of a sick kid?

I relapsed with anorexia. I gained weight back… I WANT to relapse. Even now. Every day. All that I do, is NOT easy. But I’m walking my talk.

I can’t use drive-thrus. (& I wouldn’t LOL) Ever. We can’t go out to eat. Ever. It’s not an option.

Attaining food is actually an enormous stress in my life. Food is very expensive here and we have extreme restrictions causing our groceries to be immensely expensive. I have a crazy metabolism too. Finally, getting to the store takes more time than I have time for.

Can’t afford to eat well? Stop all your mall shopping. Stop getting your nails done. What about all those movies out? That’s expensive shit. I can’t afford ANY of that. I CHOOSE to eat well. There are NO frills in my life. No vacations. No vacation homes. No trips. It IS cheaper to eat at home. The same people who say they can’t afford to eat well are usually people going on trips or getting their nails down every single week or crazy shoe shopping. Look, I’m sorry to say this but it’s usually true.

I find a way to eat well. Hmmm.

Self-responsibility. Stop the excuses. Find a way.

It’s hard, I know.


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