Developing the Discipline Towards Regular Exercise

You’ve heard the saying that motivation doesn’t last, therefore, you must develop discipline. It’s true. If we waited to workout when we were motivated, most of us probably wouldn’t.

When trying to get yourself off of that couch, REMEMBER:

#1 How you felt after your last workout.

You didn’t want to. You did it anyway. You killed it. So you KNOW that you CAN do it. As much as you DON’T want to. Don’t get these two things mixed up: ability & wanting. That’s where it gets all screwy in our brains. We can feel that “I don’t want to” very strongly and translate that into: “I just can’t.”

You can. You have before. We are capable of way more than we can imagine. Myself, included. I broke my neck and even I keep in the back of my mind that I’m only halfway there to ….more.

#2 You NEED to do this.

There are studies starting where the average person who sits at a desk all day needs at least TWO HOURS of exercise a day because of the DAMAGE sitting at their desk does! WOW.

There are increased rates of this & that from SITTING. You know all the things: diabetes, cardiovascular. And OSTEOARTHRITIS. Yeah, it’s ACTUALLY not us lifelong athletes that end up in bad shape as we grow older. It’s the ones who don’t….move.

Let me tell you about my going on 70 martial arts teacher who moves like he’s about 15.

#3 You need to be honest.

Here’s what I mean:

I walk long distances regularly carrying very heavy loads on my back and sometimes on my arms as well. I’m not going to say this isn’t difficult, therefore, not a workout but I don’t consider it one. BECAUSE I do it…regularly. My feet are my car. Since crazy HIIT routines are what I require to FEEL it and get a sweat on….a walk won’t be calculated in as a workout for me.

Just as it shouldn’t be for the person who has an ice cream sundae every night after supper then walks around the block once or maybe twice. People will say to me, “I’m just not losing weight no matter what I do.” One, dropping the nightly sundaes would probably help but the walking pace might also need to be picked up. These routines are usually chosen by the people who are doing almost nothing. I don’t like saying that 😦 but it’s true. If walking is your STARTING place, excellent…but you must progress.

Into what? Leg/butt routines on the floor?

For advanced athletes….we have to mix it up. Squats over a balance trainer, switching sides. We have to shock the system. Because after awhile, 100 pushups, 200 crunches on a balance trainer just isn’t going to do it. It doesn’t mean longer. Just means different.

You need to admit to yourself when something is no longer difficult and build upon it.

You need to stop lying to yourself that you’re doing what you need to. If you aren’t seeing results…then this says that…you aren’t.

#4 You need to stop making excuses.

I have a couple of articles on this. Excuses are you getting in the way of yourself.

People, especially women have said to me:

“It’s easy for you!”

“You’re just naturally thin!”

I was an elite level athlete who broke her NECK. I gained a sad amount of weight. Meanwhile, my kid was in a wheelchair. AND my new husband who I left MY COUNTRY for was dying the second we got here two months after we married.

I could have had a lot of excuses to be enormous. And they’d be better than most.

Do know the amount of pain that followed my physical therapy and training? Plus caring for my kid and cleaning up the vomit, blood clots my dying husband was coughing up? And crying between things? With a LOT of out time spent in hospitals?

I still did it.

When traveling to hospitals, I’d find a walk-in gym that was close. I’d squat and lunge in his hospital room. With a map in hand, I’d walk FAR to get to grocery stores since I have so many food allergies and can’t even get a salad at a hospital. I’d explore while I was out listening to my Ipod.

I had goals. Burpees again. No. Matter. What.

I was scared. That I’d never regain use of my right arm again…then I got that….and I just climbed from there.

So all of those dumb asses saying things like that to me knew NOTHING about me and were just lazy. That sounds cold to say that but that IS exactly what it is.

There will NEVER be a time to workout. You HAVE to MAKE the time.

#5 “I don’t like it.”

Yep, there’s a lot of things in life that I don’t like either. But I do it. Because I have to. Until you fall in love with exercise, you file it under “Stuff I don’t like to do” like cleaning the toilet?

#6 “I’m so sore after.”

Well, take a look after that. Start gradually and add on. I make a point to ask people how they feel after workouts to gauge.

Believe it or not, I’m not often in pain after my very hard workouts. Your body gets used to so much….so much.

#7 “It’s boring.”

LOL Find ways to make it enjoyable! Music. Doing different activities. Things you enjoy lol. It’s a big world!

#8 Something I hear where I live A LOT: “As you get older, you get diabetes and high blood pressure.”

It’s just an acceptance here to get fat as you get older and get sick too. It’s INCREDIBLE. It’s also about being poorly educated. You’re actually CHOOSING those conditions and surrendering to them. I feel sorry for you. Those things do NOT need to happen to you.

In the same vein: “Women just get fat.”

We do have more body fat but did you know that we burn extra calories when we’re ovulating and menstruating? Those are your fat-burning times. And since exercise helps cramps, it’s a win-win!

If we have/develop lots of lean body mass….no, no, we don’t have to be fat. Sorry.

This is The Reason why I have to eat so much. Lean body mass. I’m churning more just sitting than a lot of people. Than a LOT of MEN. I put many men to shame with my eating ability.

#9 KEEP doing it.

And you just might fall in love….  Hard to imagine, huh? But it’s happened for a lot of people!

It can become a habit but only when we persevere…. 🙂

That’s it for now until I can think of a few more things lol.


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