How To Get Easier Periods

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a doctor. Just a trainer with a degree. And you could have conditions that cause your time to be hell. (I’m so sorry 😦

Doctors like to make sure that I know it isn’t normal to not menstruate. And I do know this. Most of the game my entire life, has been: I MIGHT be menstruating?

What we know:

  1. Excessive amounts of dairy products result in painful periods and heavy bleeding. I am allergic to dairy protein.

2. Exercise helps… the pain… plus can make bleeding lighter. The more fat we have, the more severe cramping can be and the heavier bleeding can be. Exercise balances hormones for all of us, no matter our sex.

**When I do have a period, there’s almost no cramping whatsoever, therefore, I don’t need a Motrin etc. When women talk about horrific times, I usually exit these convos fast if it’s a group of women. Days-wise, a “good” period for me is 2 days. Other times, if could literally be an hours’-worth. (Still counts!)

If you lose your period like I do, you can back up on workouts by 10-15% & you should get them back. (Also look into taking calcium. I do. I also take Vitamin D.)

*Always tell your doc that you’ve lost your period.

They’re finding that it’s activity level + diet that influences this more than fat % on your body but that too is a factor.

3. Sugar 😦

It just makes everything worse.

When women tell me that they want to lose their period… I tell them first that it isn’t exactly okay to but that they need to give up all sweets. They laugh & say to forget it lol.

But if you want an easier time, studies show that high-sugar diets bring on the pain… 😦

That’s basically it. Yeah, it’s a lot of discipline. I was elite-level gymnastics so normal life for me lol.

As a side, I eat loads of healthy fats.


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