What’s Easier: Weight Gain or Loss?

It’s different for everyone…..

Therefore, some of us struggle just as hard to maintain or gain weight as those trying to lose.

I became overweight (what I would consider being overweight for my height & frame) for the first time ever after c-spine fracture. When approved for a gradual return to heavy training after that injury…. I lost the weight easily.

I’m not bragging…. this is how it happened which is a combination of knowing how to train, eat and just my body’s makeup along with past training experience (my body knowing how to respond).

Getting back into HIIT meant really having to pay attention to how much I’m eating, making sure I eat enough. I lose more easily than I gain.

This is generalizing (as we’re typically a combo)….but

Endomorphs….rounder, curvier. Typically gain easier.

Mesomorphs….gym rats lookers. Maintain easily.

Ectomorphs….lose easily.

I’m a meso/ecto. I do put on muscle but I have to eat well. After my relapse with anorexia, it took much longer to gain than it did to lose. It was actually difficult.

Observe yourself 🙂 Know what works for you and communicate that to your trainer.



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