Why Should I Mix Up my Program Frequently?

All of us have our favorite moves 🙂 They’re like security blankets.

I LOVE abs and that’s okay….you can always do a lot of abs. I also make sure to do a complete ab series so it’s all good.

Lateral Raises, this “doorknob” move for forearms, commandoes, squats of any kind are a sampling of some moves that I love. I also love toys. Balance trainers. Skateboard to roll out some abs. I like doing stuff with (punching) bags & benches. Jumping over. And climbing anything. If I’m sitting on the back porch in the sun setting up programs for people and my dog needs some help in the yard, I don’t go around to the steps like a normal person. I climb the railing and jump down. Then climb back up! If I need to go downstairs in my home to get something, I EXPLODE back up the stairs. (Easy to find little ways to add fitness to your life!)

If you’re Law Enforcement, then you REALLY need to be mixing up your programs. Why? It’s like anything. If we do same old same old every day, SOME muscles DO get neglected. EVEN in the fittest of us.

Whenever I hear of law enforcement doing the same old thing for months or years on end, I grimace inside. Your body needs to learn to expect the unexpected, and how does this happen when you’re doing the same workout?

There are fewer injuries and shorter recovery times when you do get injured when you mix up programs.

Do you always do the same reverse planks as part of your workout? K, well walk it now. Throw in a light dumbbell to lift. Pick up a leg. This is how you’ve got to be thinking.

The V-sit. Yes, get a V-sit. Get those damn legs off the ground. Then add some pounds to those ankles.

Get untouchable.

Add a bar to those flutter kicks. It’s on my bucket list to have waves almost drowning me while doing flutter kicks (like in the movie GI Jane) with a loaded bar. 

Train your ankles. Gradually… I have a blog entry on this for Law Enforcement. Train them to be ready to have to explode out your car.

Do it differently. Come here for ideas 🙂 I’ve got LOTS of them.

Here’s an idea (As well as a loaded bar–>upper back on a riser–>you’ve seen this probably–>hip thrusts—> use pool noodle to pad bar).

Law Enforcement—-> heads up:

Jiu Jitsu

HOW to get here:


Start in sit-up position as shown. Then pop onto BOTH elbows. Work this first.

***Also, as I said, hip thrusts with upper back on a riser is good too (don’t know what I mean, email me etc).

****ALSO what’s GOOD:

Sandbag—>Stand with legs shoulder-width–> in a medium-deep squat—>holding handle of bad with both hands (although you can do 1-handed ones then alternate too)—>with arms mostly straight but elbow NOT locked—>with a controlled movement bring bag through legs–>squeezing ass—>AND hams & quads—>pelvic thrust UP bag out between legs. And again.



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