Beginner 2 Advanced Moves :P


Beginners:  30 seconds 🙂

Intermediate to Advanced: Play around with it to a full minute.


Beginners: 30 seconds (Each move 30 seconds)

Intermediate: 40-50 secs

Advanced: 1 minute


Beginners: A minute after cardio.

Intermediate: 30 seconds after cardio.

Advanced: 10 seconds after cardio.

This program will substitute modifications! 🙂

After every move–>Do cardio.

For the first segment, the cardio is: Mountain Climbers.

For the second segment, the cardio is: Jumping jacks with bicep curls. So you curl when you bring your legs together.

1- 1-Leg standing on riser (step)–>on the UP–>raise the other leg arms loaded (Modification: Do move without holding weights. You can also do this move on the floor)

**Move weights out to side almost like doing lateral raises, elbows not locked, then on the UP, bring weights gently into chest.

2- Repeat #1 for your other leg 🙂

3- WIDE squats–> sticking butt out bring your elbows onto your knees–> going into demi-pointe (ball of your foot) at the end.

4- Crunches on balance trainer–> Advanced people: feet off the floor.

Intermediate people: feet on the floor on balance trainer.

Beginners: Crunch on the floor 🙂

5- One of my FAVORITE MOVES 🙂 :

Squatting medium-low–>dumb bell in each hand–> Arms parallel to each other–> bring 1 dumb bell through legs & the other besides hip –> On the UP portion–> bring BOTH dumb bells still parallel to each other–> at shoulder height–> squat DOWN again–> bringing other dumb bell through legs this time & so on.

**Beginners: Just do this move without weight.

6-  Resting dumb bells on shoulders (Modification: No weight or lighter weight)–> squat down–> bringing one leg up at a time–> with flexed foot–> laterally to side.

7- In a Raised Plank–> fold up (into a downward dog basically) to tap knees–> Switch knees tapped. So you’re in a plank then you fold up to tap your knee then back into the plank then fold up to touch your other knee. 🙂

**Beginners: Just maintain this plank for the allotted time 🙂

8- Lying down–> arch with upper back on floor (a “bridge” position)–> SQUEEZING butt, hams & quads–> move thighs & knees together then out then in again to meet.

**Always do your warm up 🙂

***Always do your cool-down

****You can ask questions if you have them!


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