Weight Loss Go-To Program

————> When you’re at a loss for what to do, here you go! :

Beginners: 1-2 times through

Intermediate: 2-4 times though

Advanced: 4-5 times through

Do you need a warm-up? This pretty much IS a warm-up & workout in one.

  1. 25 High-Knees

2. 25 Mat JJ’s—-> So you get into raised plank formation, keeping legs straight, jump your legs out together on toes then back again.

3. 25 Mountain Climbers

4. 25 Jump Squats

5. Standing–> Do lateral leg lifts–> make it very aerobic so fly back & forth–> loosens hips/ cuts flab–> kinda fun lol. (25 Reps)

6. Same–> Standing lateral leg lifts….loaded. So rest some dumbbells on your shoulders–> squat down then upon raising bring 1 leg up & out, then repeat with other side. (25 Reps)

7. Elbow plank (military-style)–> roll hip side to side (25 Reps)

8. On hands & knees–> stick 1 leg out behind your straight in arabesque–> make circles with leg. 25 Reps with 1 leg then the other.

9. Lying with back on the floor—>legs up so you’re shaped like an L–> holding weight above chest–>move body up & towards legs for 25 Reps.

10. Lying with back on the floor–> legs bent at 90 degrees like in sit-up position–> bend at waist to touch ankles on the same side.

Goal with this is to go really really fast, from one thing straight to the other as quickly as you can! Of course, get sips of water when you need to!!



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