Super Quick Blog on Food Allergies

If you’re eating a wide variety of food (I can’t lol—>due to food allergies) and suffer an anaphylactic reaction, you’re pretty much screwed in Canada. The medical system AND what we pay for is limited (& of poor-quality)… So you’re pretty much on your own figuring out the source(s) of your anaphylaxis. IF you get a referral, that can take at least a year.

What to do? I mean this is dangerous, right? You could literally die. After almost literally dying. Kinda sucks. Who cares about that in Canada? No one lol? (Well, I do!)

I’m not a doctor but….you eat white rice. With nothing. Then you build from there. I have the order somewhere if anyone’s interested. I paid big $ to receive this because, in Canada, you pay big taxes for health care, don’t get it lol, then have to pay someone else for help…. So I can tell you what I had to do & that’s it since it’s somebody else’s work.

This is the best way I can help. My time is valuable so I’m sorry I can’t do more.

So it’s on you to look it over, get educated and keep epinephrine VERY HANDY. Hopefully, your doc at least gave you that.  :-/


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