Why I Love Police Fitness


I respect law enforcement. It’s a tough job. The toughest. I wouldn’t want to do it! They’re brave. They’re heroes.


I look over the new calluses on my hands & my bashed in toenails (yeah, wearing shoes more often would help things)… and think:

It’s challenging. As a gymnast, I like that. The kind of athlete that the police officer needs to be is quite different than any kind of athlete. Although,  again as a gymnast lol, I can see parallels lol. They need to be strong… They do actually need to be flexible. Endurance is necessary. Agility. Just everything. And really, they need to be the BEST athletes that they can be! To survive, to work more comfortably, for quality of life, and yes, to be able to do their jobs.

PLUS, they really do have SPECIFIC needs & I like that.


& that’s it, in short 🙂


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