Intermediate-Level ~*AB*~ Program

The goal of this program: Get through it 🙂 without a break—>so every sequence just follows. No breaks. That’s how you get abs 🙂

25 crunches (you know how to do crunches but to increase difficulty, perhaps try to get your legs off the ground?)

20 bicycles

30 sec plank (raised or forearm, your choice!)

15 sec side plank (you can be on your forearm AND you can put a leg in front for balance)

15 sec plank—-> other side

20 lying down side-to-sides (in sit-up position, chest up a bit—> touch ankles)

25 crunches

15 sit-ups

30 scissor abs

25 L abs (back flat on ground—>legs up straight so that your body is in an “L”-shape—>crunch up towards legs)

30 sec plank

25 crunches

20 bicycles

30 flutters (both legs fluttering = 1 rep)

25 crunches

You WILL feel this!

Do this until it becomes EASY.

To make ANYTHING more difficult: Load it. With whatever you’ve got 🙂


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