Hold A Rifle Forever

A few things you can do:

#1 “Doorknobs” :

With weight ranging from 1-5 lbs (5 lbs is usually plenty)—->rest forearms on bench or like I do: Sit up with knees bent & rest the meaty part of your forearms palms down over knees. Dumb bell in each hand—>turn like your turning a doorknob.

Incorporate these into your upper body workout.

Start with 30 reps?

#2 Sit on a yoga ball. To find the RIGHT size: your thighs should be parallel to the ground.

Now using dumb bells (again, 5 lbs is usually enough)—> do front shoulder lifts. Sit TALL. GOOD posture. Feet facing ahead. Dumbbells to knees & up just parallel to ground.

#3 Sledgehammer Shit.

Ulnar deviation = bending the wrist towards the direction of the little finger) & a radial deviation (bending the wrist in the direction of the thumb) can be performed using a sledgehammer.

For ulnar deviation—> hold the handle at your side with the weight behind your hand. Slowly bend your wrist back to raise the weight.

For radial deviation—> hold the handle by your side with the weight in front of your hand.

**Slowly space your hand further from the head of the hammer as you grow stronger.

As usual, email or whatever for questions or comment below!


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