A Special Note To Law Enforcement

My education is (and always will be lol!) ongoing in police fitness.

What brought me to this as a passion? Loved ones who pushed me through the literally impossible.

Fitness is important. For us all.

When I tell people what I do and what I want to do….they say, “Oh, so that police officers are able to do their jobs?” Okay…but honestly, I think more about their quality of life NOW. Yes, fitness would help anyone especially an LEO do their jobs more effectively… but also what about FEELING BETTER? Sleeping BETTER? Retiring in better condition? LEO’s often don’t live long at all past retirement. That’s very sad. Very unfair.

AND you guys, have to care about this TOO. You need to learn how to balance those cortisol levels (HIIT…HIIT….HIIT). Don’t keep thinking you can live this adrenalin-filled crazy lifestyle and it isn’t going to catch up to you.

I empathize with the person who gives until it hurts. I’ve done it. I can’t think of a better…greater cause than the LEO.

ALSO: Don’t just stay in the LawEnforcement sections! The “Workouts/Moves” section has lots of great stuff in it, and always with a lean to good stuff that police officers should be doing πŸ™‚

Training can be done online through Zoom (free, easy to download).

Your personal training fees are negotiable, even though my start rate for LE is low. You’re my favorite so take advantage πŸ˜‰ Honor code as to what you can afford!

Hours are also negotiable. I like to work.

Some Shit That’s Good to Have:

  1. Dumbbells of varying weights
  2. Sandbag (you can make these, search youtube or ask me)
  3. Step/Riser (Really even better than an actual bench, in fact, when you hear me say “bench,” I actually mean a step/riser.)
  4. Jump rope
  5. Bar, plates.

Nice to have but not necessary (you’ll see mention but we can substitute):

  1. Kettles (can also be made, really anything can be)
  2. Medicine ball(s)
  3. Weighted vests (to increase difficulty of course, but my workouts work…whether you have a weighted vest or not)
  4. Weighted anything. Hand, wrist, ankle weights.
  5. Cones (or tape, ways to mark, if needed)
  6. Balance trainer (Bosu, etc, cheaper versions are available and work just as well!)


Feel free to just say hey. Or ask questions (I may know, I may not know) πŸ™‚



Welcome! Law Enforcement & Civilian Fitness

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