I’m an NSCA certified personal trainer and a tactical facilitator specializing in police fitness. Ex-elite level gymnastics.

I like it hard & I like it rough. I also like burpees, boots & bacon. 

The Gym is my Church.

Your trainer should look & act the part. And I do.

Doesn’t matter where you stand. A beginner. Elite level. Do you want to shed some weight? Get into SWAT-shape? We can do that. Together.

Zoom appointments available. You don’t even need to leave your living room. Now, what excuse do you have? 😉

Set up your 60-min consultation. 🙂 They are $23! 

Law Enforcement:
$20 an hour (60 minutes) ($58 for 3 sessions).

Americans: You don’t get charged the Canadian tax. 

Consultation is free for American Law Enforcement. It doesn’t hurt to set one up AND you can ZOOM (like Skype and is free, easy to download) your consultation and ALL training appointments :). 

Civilians: I love you too! Which is why your rates are also good! $27 for 1 session (50 minutes) a week. $53 for 2 a week! $76 for THREE sessions a week!! OMFG! Yeah. It doesn’t get better than that.

Also for a tiny amount a month…..there’s online training groups! I work out with you!! Email me for info! (stephanieflew@hotmail.com

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