Better Your Ass

Can you really? It’s just a muscle. So yes, you fucking can. Say good-bye to your saggy behind. Here we go: Start out by———–> Bent Over Single Leg Raises Donkey Kicks *****You STAY on the SAME LEG for both #1 & #2 THEN: 1 min Jump Squats. *****Perform #1 & #2 for your other leg. -and … More Better Your Ass


UPDATE: I love police fitness & do want that. It fits well in with….me. However, I need to move home. I’m still taking steps back from some things.   I don’t know what I want. Police fitness or something else. Dance again? I love that. A fractured c-spine took me out. I had no right arm … More Relapse

Lunch Packs For Cops

You’re going to get hungry. You’re going to need to eat. Plan ahead. Pack. Don’t do McDonald’s, BurgerKing or any of those others nasty places. STAY AWAY. 🙂 #1 PROTEIN Meats, Eggs, Fish (preferably fatty), Beans & Lentils, Nuts & Peanut Butter, Seeds #2 CARBS Oatmeal, Quinoa, Sweet Potatoes & Yams, White potatoes are okay … More Lunch Packs For Cops