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Better Your Ass

Can you really? It’s just a muscle. So yes, you fucking can. Say good-bye to your saggy behind.

Here we go:

Start out by———–>

  1. Bent Over Single Leg Raises
  2. Donkey Kicks

*****You STAY on the SAME LEG for both #1 & #2 THEN:

1 min Jump Squats.

*****Perform #1 & #2 for your other leg.

-and then-

1 min Jump Squats


3) Sumo squats (LOADED is BEST)


1 min Jump Squats

Add this butt workout to another workout.

******Try not to rest!


Hold A Rifle Forever

A few things you can do:

#1 “Doorknobs” :

With weight ranging from 1-5 lbs (5 lbs is usually plenty)—->rest forearms on bench or like I do: Sit up with knees bent & rest the meaty part of your forearms palms down over knees. Dumb bell in each hand—>turn like your turning a doorknob.

Incorporate these into your upper body workout.

Start with 30 reps?

#2 Sit on a yoga ball. To find the RIGHT size: your thighs should be parallel to the ground.

Now using dumb bells (again, 5 lbs is usually enough)—> do front shoulder lifts. Sit TALL. GOOD posture. Feet facing ahead. Dumbbells to knees & up just parallel to ground.

#3 Sledgehammer Shit.

Ulnar deviation = bending the wrist towards the direction of the little finger) & a radial deviation (bending the wrist in the direction of the thumb) can be performed using a sledgehammer.

For ulnar deviation—> hold the handle at your side with the weight behind your hand. Slowly bend your wrist back to raise the weight.

For radial deviation—> hold the handle by your side with the weight in front of your hand.

**Slowly space your hand further from the head of the hammer as you grow stronger.

As usual, email or whatever for questions or comment below!

Lunch Packs For Cops

You’re going to get hungry. You’re going to need to eat. Plan ahead. Pack.

Don’t do McDonald’s, BurgerKing or any of those others nasty places. STAY AWAY. 🙂


Meats, Eggs, Fish (preferably fatty), Beans & Lentils, Nuts & Peanut Butter, Seeds


Oatmeal, Quinoa, Sweet Potatoes & Yams, White potatoes are okay too, Rice.


Extra virgin olive oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil



Spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage, tomatoes, avocado, oranges, lemons, & all berries.

WATER, Green tea, Coffee

So that’s the basics. But now for some actual lunch ideas:

  1. Baked potatoes. With salsa. Fresh cilantro or parsley on top?
  2. Hard-boiled eggs.
  3. Leftover meat from supper on good-quality bread for sandwiches.
  4. Hummus. (Yes) You can use any bean, doesn’t have to be just garbanzo. Dip veggies into the hummus that hopefully you’ve made ahead of time (Much cheaper this way and sooo much better for you. Hummus is VERY easy to make yourself.) (I have a bacon hummus recipe in The Bacon Board.)
  5. Pretzels. Better quality please–> when you must have salt & must have something kinda junky.
  6. Salads with leftover supper meat, nuts, garbanzo beans as well as tomatoes, cucumber slices, etc.
  7. Sweet Potatoes with REAL butter. Cut it, put the butter in, close up the sweet potato, foil it or whatever to keep it warmish. A BIT of brown sugar maybe.
  8. Trail mixes: Again, preferably if you make them yourself to cut out loads of sugar.
  9. Chocolate. (Good quality of course!)
  10. Peanut butter to dip celery sticks into.
  11. Tuna (or some ground meat—>try some cumin spice) wrapped in Romaine Lettuce. Or inside half a pepper. Chop some celery, cucumber, red onion & mix into the tuna? Good-quality mayo is okay!
  12. Baked garbanzo beans. Open a can. Rinse them in a strainer. Lie on a baking sheet….line with parchment paper for easier cleanup. Add whatever spices you’d like including dessert spices. Bake at 425F. 15 minutes usually does it. Shorter for softer, longer for crispier (how I like it). Keep checking to get to your desired consistency.
  13. Baked apples. All year round. Why not? REAL butter & a bit of brown sugar.
  14. Rice stir-frys. Onions, garlic. Any meat. Have some fresh sliced tomatoes ready. Toss those in with some olive oil & rice/coconut vinegar?
  15. Chili.
  16. Stews.

    Some links which might be helpful: Low Sugar LunchesBrunchesSlow cooker recipes to make ahead of time, & Taco bowl recipes

Why You MIGHT Not Be Losing Weight :-(

You’re still taking in more (calories) than you need.

I don’t count calories or I may occasionally just to see where I’m hitting. I’m one of those people who it doesn’t really matter how much I’m eating and part of that reason is because I eat clean. So if you think you might be taking in more calories than you need….perhaps cut out a slice of bread? Maybe serve up smaller portions of pasta? Replace with some broccoli or something similar ;-). You shouldn’t be drinking soda whatsoever.

You gotta sleep.

Sleep deprivation can result in your body storing fat. Your hunger-controlling hormones (leptin & ghrelin) are thrown out of balance when we don’t get enough sleep. To lose weight & maintain, we need to sleep and eat well plus exercise :-).

What’s in your smoothies?

First of all, make your smoothies yourself. Don’t be buying them. Maybe not put yogurt in yours?

Also, SIT while having your smoothie. We tend to feel more full when we pay attention to our food while eating. Savor every spoonful (my smoothies are chunky so I often use a spoon for them…) Feeling more full means eating less.

Are you relying on your cardio machine’s calorie counter?

Yeah, don’t. They overestimate by A LOT. Other than your heart rate, disregard the calorie counter.

Hidden Sources.

Starbucks drinks. So high in calories. It adds up. QUICKLY.

Break up workouts.

Can’t get in an hour at a time?

K, so do a half hour here then another 10 minutes here and so on…. This also really revs the metabolism.


The Police Officer’s Lower Back

This is good stuff for those:

  1. Who wish to strengthen their backs.
  2. With lower back issues
  3. Who have pulled out their backs (ever).
  4. Who are Police Officers, Firefighters, and Paramedics.

1. Supermans/Back Bows: Lay face down on the floor. Arms & Legs are to go up at the same time—> try to not have arms & legs touch floor. Legs need to remain straight & together. NEUTRAL neck/head–>In LINE with your spine: not up or down! Contract lower back—> hold for 3-5 seconds each time.

**If you’re having difficulty lifting your legs—>contract glutes MORE.

***Variation: Arms out like an “airplane” (which is what we’ll call this 🙂 — Contract shoulder blades to “meet.”

****Go for 10.

2. Bird Dogs : Tighten all muscles while in Up.  10 on each side.

3. Face down like in Superman: And now SWIM, alternate leg/arm. Same as in Superman: Legs need to remain straight. NEUTRAL neck/head–>In LINE with your spine: not up or down! Contract lower back—> hold for 3-5 seconds each time.

**Get it right before going fast with this. Hold alternate leg/arm for a count of 3 seconds before doing your other alternate arm/leg.

10 on each side.

4. Extensions on Big Yoga Ball:

Middle of your tummy on the ball—> Hands behind your head—> Legs can be wide to help balance you—> Then bend down & all the way up contracting.

12-15 Reps. 3 Sets.


Get a barbell—> Just a bar for the injured—> Place the bar across your shoulder blades—-> Feet need to be hip-width apart with a little bit of a bend in your knees—> Lean forward, you’ll feel a stretch in your hamstrings—> keeping back flat —> move back up.

12 Reps.

6. Commandoes: Try for 5. Work up to being able to do these for a full minute.

1 Rep = both arms going both up & down.

7. Cobra & Child Poses

8. Cat & Cow Poses

How often to do this program:

Once a week. Twice is better but start with once. 🙂

As usual, comment, ask questions or email for a more private response 🙂