Developing the Discipline Towards Regular Exercise

You’ve heard the saying that motivation doesn’t last, therefore, you must develop discipline. It’s true. If we waited to workout when we were motivated, most of us probably wouldn’t. When trying to get yourself off of that couch, REMEMBER: #1 How you felt after your last workout. You didn’t want to. You did it anyway. … More Developing the Discipline Towards Regular Exercise

Goals & Excuses

“I want a 6-pack.” I hear this from every single person coming to train. EVERY single one. Yet, no one wants to stop living on cake & beer. Well, you won’t get your 6-pack then. Can you have cake & beer? Sometimes? In moderation? On your cheat days? Lots of people don’t like me because … More Goals & Excuses

WOD—-> Mine.

(This was my workout, JUST FOR ME  🙂 I danced for about half an hour—-> my warm-up, just loosening up. I did 25 reps X 2 each leg Pistol Squats. I used a bench and did Bicep curls along with it: On the up, you straighten your arms, you curl on the down. 25 reps … More WOD—-> Mine.

Lunch Packs For Cops

You’re going to get hungry. You’re going to need to eat. Plan ahead. Pack. Don’t do McDonald’s, BurgerKing or any of those others nasty places. STAY AWAY. 🙂 #1 PROTEIN Meats, Eggs, Fish (preferably fatty), Beans & Lentils, Nuts & Peanut Butter, Seeds #2 CARBS Oatmeal, Quinoa, Sweet Potatoes & Yams, White potatoes are okay … More Lunch Packs For Cops