UPDATE: I love police fitness & do want that. It fits well in with….me. However, I need to move home. I’m still taking steps back from some things.   I don’t know what I want. Police fitness or something else. Dance again? I love that. A fractured c-spine took me out. I had no right arm … More Relapse

Beginner 2 Advanced Moves :P

CARDIO Beginners:  30 seconds 🙂 Intermediate to Advanced: Play around with it to a full minute. WORK Beginners: 30 seconds (Each move 30 seconds) Intermediate: 40-50 secs Advanced: 1 minute RESTS Beginners: A minute after cardio. Intermediate: 30 seconds after cardio. Advanced: 10 seconds after cardio. This program will substitute modifications! 🙂 After every move–>Do … More Beginner 2 Advanced Moves 😛